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BEAUTY TIP No.1 | Cold Showers

Okay, okay, we know this sounds awful! But trust us when we say this is one of the best things you can add into your beauty rituals. Using cold water for radiant health has been around for a long time and it holds more benefits than we could possibly list in one post.  For beauty purposes, it gives you a radiant glow, keeps the skin looking youthful and shining, cleans toxins from the blood, especially within the tiny little capillaries where they like to hide. There is literally nothing else in the world that can clean those toxins from these tiny capillaries, toxins that build up over time and cause the body to age faster. It strengthens your immune system, balances the glands and the nervous system, which is essential to keeping your hormones balanced. Balanced hormones means clear, youthful, glowing skin. Shall we go on? Give it a try for a week or two and see how much better you feel, from the inside out!

For an extra dose of clear, beautiful skin, try using our After Sun Soothing Aloe Mist after your cold shower! The combination of Aloe and Lavender is powerfully healing. It reduce redness and inflammation, as well tightens the pores. Combining this Mist with cold showers is a recipe for Radiant skin all year long.

* Image via @thestylistandthewardrobe

* note: ladies, do not do cold showers during your menstrual cycle*