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CRYSTAL of the MONTH: Celestite


When we think of self-love through self-care, one of our favorite ways to care for our bodies and minds is healing through crystals. Celestite, one of the most beautiful crystals around town, is not only soothing to look at but it’s one of the most powerful in its ability to bring calmness and clarity in any challenging situation. 

When we’re stressed out, we don’t look or feel our best. But when we feel more calm and clear about our lives, we glow. 

Celestite is also known as the Teacher of the New Age, allowing us to see things with a new perspective and trust the magic of the Universe that everything will work out perfectly. It’s in that trust that we can begin to let the stress and worries melt away, which will allow our bodies and minds to heal.

It’s also known to alleviate anxiety, stress, and obsessive behaviors, most of which lead to self-destruction, the polar opposite of self-love and self-care! It gives us courage to move through the world feeling powerful rather than powerless. Think of how this crystal has many strong edges yet peacefully radiates: we too can embody that strength and radiance when we can move through life anxiety-free, feeling confident and powerful! 


Other Benefits of Celestite: 

• Uplifts our mood for a more positive outlook on life. 

• Connects us to the higher Angelic realms for guidance 

• Benefits the throat, thyroid, third eye (intuition) and crown chakra 

• Protects the Aura


Self-Love Celestite Ritual 

Whenever you have a situation or experience that is challenging and causing you anxiety or tension, take Celestite in your hand and close your eyes. Ask your Higher-Self and the Universe to show you what you need to do in order to move through this challenge. Take long deep breaths as you feel the crystal charging you up and energizing your being. When you're ready, open your eyes and spend a few minutes journaling what came to you so you can create a clear plan of self-love to move forward through the challenge with kindness towards yourself and the situation rather than with stress and anxiety.  

Image: Goldirocks



Feb 19, 2018 • Posted by Adianez Ramos


Jan 30, 2018 • Posted by Mariam

love this post! I’m very interested in crystals.

Jan 30, 2018 • Posted by cece


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