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Easy Swaps to Shop for Sustainability

Small changes have big impacts, which is why we are always looking for environmentally conscious ways to improve our day-to-day. Say yes to digital receipts and no to one-time-use plastics; unplug electronics when not in use, and always carry a refillable drink bottle for hydration on the go! Imagine the waste you’d save by implementing these simple daily swaps—especially when millions of shopping bags, menstrual products and razors are added to landfills and recycling centers each year in the US alone. These habits are costly to our environment and drain us of cash unnecessarily.

To save us all a little time an effort, we’ve scoured the marketplace for gorgeous solutions that reduce ecological footprint and improve quality of life. Join us in planning for a sustainable future, beginning with these practical buys for modern living:


  • One of the easiest swaps to make when using less packaging is making your own solutions for cleaning. This tried-and-true zine, Make Your Place, is one of our favorite resources. It’s filled to the brim with super-simple recipes for concocting your own cleaning products, from toilet bowl cleaner to wood polish. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to DIY when keeping house!


  • Going green doesn’t have to mean going fuzzy. This spring and summer, tackle your landscaping with this luminous, minimally packaged rose gold stainless steel razor with a pivoting head to banish stubble in a few easy strokes.
  • Slough impurities while improving circulation with this elegantly sustainable wood bath brush that’ll quickly become your favorite bathing tool.
  • Remove your eye makeup guilt-free with reusable cotton facial rounds! With the proper care and cleaning, these will be the last facial rounds you ever purchase.
  • This simple and natural package-free, plastic-free menstrual kit has everything you’ll need to tackle shark week like an earth-loving professional. Say goodbye to single-use tampons and pads for good.


  • There’ll be no need to avoid washing this biodegradable glitter down the drain for fear of the oceans—it’s made from plant-based materials that maximize sparkle while minimizing environmental harms! Dust it on for extra glow on special occasions.
  • This wood hairbrush is both chic and plastic-free; better for your locks and the planet—win-win!


  • This handy-dandy string bag in not only vintage-chic, but it also holds up to 40 lbs. and is ideal for tossing into smaller satchels for trips to the market.
  • Take meal prep to the next level with this attractive, package-free lunch kit. Perfect for taking to the office, this lunch kit also ensures you won’t be spending unnecessary dough eating-out. Pick up a couple sets and take a date to the park on a pretty afternoon.
  • Make good use of your tote by shopping locally, which reduces packaging waste and feeds your community!

Iced Tea + Cocktails

  • Skip the plastic/biodegradable straws to instead sip sumptuous liquid treats with this divine crystalline rose quartz straw. For moodier days, choose this adorable rain cloud design.

Lounge + Fitness Apparel

  • Recycled materials aren’t reserved for patio furniture! Shop innovative, lounge-worthy pieces from Girlfriend Collective, who makes comfy and ethically made athleisure from discarded plastics.

Have any more ideas for easy swaps to go green? Leave a comment below!