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Tips to Upcycle Herbivore Packaging

At Herbivore, one of our biggest passions is caring for the planet. After all, Mother Earth gives us the powerful and skin-healing ingredients that are infused into each product we create. Never using harmful chemicals, we only choose natural ingredients that support our bodies and the health of our environment. With sustainability in mind, we’ve made every effort to not only create beautiful and Earth-friendly products, but to also package them in a way that is responsible, using 100% recyclable glass bottles instead of plastic whenever possible.

Not only does glass look aesthetically beautiful, with different hues of facial oils, body scrubs, mists, and salts glistening through—but our bottles, jars and pots can all be reused in a variety of ways. Here, a few ideas for upcycling your Herbivore bottles after you’ve finished your favorite products.

  1. Fill your space with flowers and plants. Spring is the perfect time to bring fresh bouquets and breathtaking flowers into your home. Empty facial oil bottles make excellent bud vases, while body polish jars can be used as planters for your favorite green beauties and succulents. Before planting your indoor garden, clean each jar fully and place pebbles and stones in the bottom of the jar for a built-in drainage system.
  2. Create mood lighting. Moon Fruit, Pink Cloud, and our Blue Clay or Pink Clay mask pots make excellent candle holders. Place a tea light into each empty bottle and light safely. Your entire home will glow, just like your skin must be after finishing your products!
  3. Hydrate in-transit. Once we’ve finished our Bath Salts, we love to reuse these bottles as on-the-go beverage containers. Simply fill these chic, clear jars with your favorite sun brewed teas, or homemade iced coffees, secure the lid, and you are out the door!
  4. To keep your bathroom tidy. Clear your vanity space of clutter by housing cotton swabs and hair pins in an aesthetically pleasing way. The clear glass means you’ll never lose track of what’s inside.
  5. Don’t forget your place. Herbivore boxes feature artwork too beautiful for the recycling bin (though, all cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable). Upcycle these unique illustrations and designs as handy bookmarks and appreciate their beauty each time your resume your story.
  6. Use plastic lids as desk storage. Rangle all paper clips, staples, binder clips and any other paper accessories sliding around your desk drawer, and organize them using our plastic lids. Your productivity is sure to soar!
  7. Pack supplements on-the-go! Traveling? Portion your supplements into empty pots from our Coco Rose Lip Conditioner, Lip Polish and Lip Tint. The tiny containers take up minimal space in your overnight bag.
  8. To keep your valuables safe. Small jewelry fits beautifully into our glass containers and lids keep all your precious gems in one secure space.


How do you recycle Herbivore packaging? Comment your tips below!


Aug 25, 2019 • Posted by packaging nz

I really loved reading your thoughts; obviously you know what you are talking about! Your site is so easy to use too, I’ve bookmark it in my folder.Thanks for sharing info. Keep up the good work…We hope you will visit our blog often as we discuss topics of interest to you.


Aug 13, 2019 • Posted by Jane

Any hints on what to do with the face oil bottles with droppers? I hate to just throw them in with the recycling !

May 12, 2019 • Posted by Vivianna Rocha

Hello! I have 3 bottles of the small serums any ideas on how to reuse those? Thank you!

Apr 25, 2019 • Posted by Maria

I must say I loved the rollerball mini facial oils for their ease of use.. But I also love the fact that I can refill the dropper minis for traveling. Same goes for any of the compact sizes! I travel a lot and light so I have kept all of the smaller jars and bottles to use forever as my travel kit. Also any home chef knows how useful glass jars are. I’m currently using my coco-rose scrub jar to house my sourdough starter, and planning on using every soon-to-be empty in my camping kitchen kit! Huge props for sustainability. I LOVE supporting this company- it keeps my heart light with less contribution to waste and pure beauty values at cult-worthy prices.

Apr 22, 2019 • Posted by Anna

I’m reusing my Rose Hibiscus coconut water bottle spray. I put water in it and keep it in my purse for the hot days when I need a little spritz.

Love that I can reuse your containers after the product is gone!

Apr 19, 2019 • Posted by Laura

I use my 4oz Coco Rose empty jar to store my toothpaste tabs, the scent is still beautiful, even though it’s been washed and has minty tabs in it now ☺️🌹 #zerowaste

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