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Eight Ways to Glow Your Best During Video Chats

None of us could have predicted that video meetings would be the only way to connect face-to-face, especially with the entirety of a year’s worth of gatherings off the table. We’re also sharing an intimate part of ourselves on-screen: our homes, our bedrooms, our beloved trinkets. Creating confidence for a suddenly on-camera life can be supported by a few key elements to help us feel good on screen. 

  1. Find your light! Whether natural light or not, a direct light source will not only flatter you but may help you feel a bit warmer from the inside-out. Head-on natural light will illuminate your face kindly and can also create a connection with your audience, ensuring they can see you clearly. Balance cool natural light with creamy curtains, warm indoor lighting, a tone-adjustable selfie ring, or even flickering candles if the mood is right and the shot doesn’t look shadowy.
  1. Arrange your space. Create an intimate space that reflects who you are. A few objects in the background– books, holiday decor, a vase of flowers, picture frames–can give a glimpse of your personality while adding depth, not distraction. 
  1. Pre-Zoom Zen. When possible, find moments before in-person meetings to focus on yourself. Meditating with a mask (we love Prism Exfoliating Glow Facial) or spending time with self-care the night before an important meeting can make all the difference for on-screen confidence and charisma.
  1. Plump, prep, and protect. Blend a few drops of Orchid Facial Oil with your daily tinted SPF for dewy plumpness plus blue light protection. Press a couple of drops of Orchid onto your cheek and brow bones for a highlighting effect.
  1. Keep what’s visible on-screen looking clean. Choose outfits made up of solid colors that compliment your skin tone and subtly contrast with your background. Choose visible, structured necklines like crewnecks and collars. Frame and highlight your face with simple jewelry. 
  1. Sit smarter. Move any objects that hover directly behind your head on the screen. Ensure the camera is situated slightly above eye level to help lift your chin, improve your posture, and show off your bone structure. Do not sit too close to the camera—your head, neck, and shoulders should fit in the frame. Look at the camera lens, not your image, to better own your at-home space. 
  1. Refresh your glow before and between meetings with a gentle misting of something quick and nourishing like our Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist or Jasmine Green Tea Toner. Enliven limp locks in a flash with a quick spritz and tousle using our Lavender Sea Salt Hair Texturizing Spray.
  1. Breathe and roll. Use your Lapis, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, or Jade Facial Roller if you have a few minutes and jaw tension to spare. This quick, easy, and relaxing practice supports circulation and eeks out a healthy flush of glow that can make all the difference on-screen. 

(Can’t decide on a facial roller? Take this quiz for instant assistance: Which Crystal Queen Are You?) Now, smile and enjoy your chat! 

Top photo by Catherina Schürmann on Unsplash.