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Bath + Body Gifts for A Relaxed + Renewed New Year

Sometimes self-care looks like soaking in the tub and watching Netflix. Even better if the bath is infused with luxe relaxing soaking salts and skin-smoothing scrubs. 

Skincare and stress-relief go hand in hand. Taking regular notice of the texture, smell, feel, and luxury of nurturing bath and body products can lull us into the everyday moments of pause that are so necessary, especially when mind and body balance needs restoring.

Weave the following bath and body favorites into your skincare rituals to release daily tension and enhance your skin from the neck down.

Take care with coconut.

Our Coconut Milk Bath Soak endows the skin with near-unfathomable baby softness. Anyone newly indulging in this founder-fave will emerge knowing that this is a tub buddy they’ll surely keep on hand. 

We’ve found that keeping a bottle of fast-absorbing Coconut Body Oil available on the bathroom counter and by the bed reminds us to pause regularly and indulge our senses while conditioning our skin.

If our Coconut Body Oil and Coconut Milk Bath Soak had a baby, it would be Coconut Milk Body Polish. This recently released delightfully creamy scrub envelopes the body in gentle, hydrating sugar, ultralight, and nourishing coconut milk, and nutrient-packed coconut oil to bring out the glowing baby softness our Coconut bath and body line is famous for.

Nurture and refresh.

Our Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Polish is among our top-sellers for many reasons. We love how it renews the skin with rich, comforting coconut oil and attracts moisture to the skin with humectant sugar—all while alleviating our minds soothing, dreamy rosewater. 

Gently release impurities on the skin while lounging in the tub or lingering in the shower with our long-beloved Pink Clay Cleansing Bar. This gentle soap is a nurturing choice, even on skin that’s prone to dryness. Bonus: it doubles as a shaving bar.

Citrine + Jasmine Body Oils

Enrich and indulge.

Need a glow that goes the distance? Indulge your senses and extend your skin’s radiance with Citrine Body Oil, made with orange blossom and neroli to lift the mood and bathe the skin in luxe moisture. Nourishing, pore-penetrating rosehip and meadowfoam oils keep working long after applying this busy person-friendly formula.

Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish is our royally luxurious blend of smooth amethyst granules and dreamy, intoxicating jasmine sambac. This divine purple-hued scrub has the power to bring on dramatic radiance with a single use. Follow this skin treat with our Jasmine Body Oil to extend and expand your glow.

Breathe and keep glowing. 

Clogged sinuses aren’t fun when deep breathing is in order. Our Detox Bath Salts help clear the nasal passages with eucalyptus oil while enriching the skin and releasing tension with magnesium-packed dead sea salts. 

Hair can show signs of stress, too. Freshen your locks, comfort your senses, and compliment your steamy post-bath glow with a fine spritzing of Coconut Sea Mist Salt Spray, our highly rated hair favorite that smells lightly of beachy things and brings lifeless hair back to life. (Try the Lavender version and mini hair perfumes, too!)

Chill and soothe.

It’s all in the name: Calm Bath Salts go to work relieving your mind and body of stress with the power of lightly floral ylang ylang and tension-taming Himalayan sea salt. Tackle your watch list while submerged in a hot bath infused with this bathtime treasure to emerge newly glowing and sporting a mellower mood.

Add our After Sun Soothing Aloe Mist to your daily suncare routine for a sensory experience that cools as it calms. Best kept chilled in the fridge for added enjoyment and refreshment, this bath and body must-have serve the skin, senses, and spirit.

Cleanse and purify.

Fight skin blues with our Blue Clay Cleansing Soap Bar. This sensitive skin-friendly bar helps to tame excess oil production and other combination skin concerns thanks to mineral-rich Cambrian blue clay.

Our Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar Soap provides the deepest cleanse of our entire line. Purifying bamboo charcoal makes this bar is ideal for gardeners and essential workers alike due to its deeply detoxifying, odor-absorbing benefits.

Keep clean while out and about while avoiding the tequila-scented versions at many registers with Hand Hero Hand Purifying Gel. Don’t forgo utilizing both the Lavender and Blood Orange aromatherapeutic scents to help support your mood throughout the day.

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