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Sagittarius Season HERBIscopes: Reports for all Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius season brings celebration, community, and holidays. In the year 2020, we are redefining how these things occur in our lives. A highly adaptable figure, the stag reminds us that there is always merriment to be had, even when staying close to home and hearth. 

With the warmth and luck Sagittarius is known for, 2020’s final chapter can be wonderful, even within the boundaries of social distancing. Online hang time can be easier, gifting can be simpler, food can taste better, and jokes can be funnier under a stag-ruled sun. 

This season’s highlights include Saturn’s shift into Aquarius, which will help brilliant out-of-the-box ideas to strengthen and take form over the next few years. 

The Great Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius on the night of the Solstice (December 21st) is another Sagittarius season event that will reshape the next twenty years and beyond, particularly in the realms of technology, earth, money, and powerful entities.

After checking out the Sagittarius season highlights below, shop skincare gifts for those on your list based on their zodiac signs.

November 28th: Neptune goes direct in Pisces. Our spiritual growth can finally catch wind again after many murky days.

November 30th: Gemini full moon lunar eclipse. Innovation is at its finest, so jump on chances to experiment.

December 15th: Sagittarius new moon. Follow a hunch. This moon is a lucky one for making wishes and planting seeds.

December 17th: Saturn in Aquarius. Structure and free thinking can now coexist more powerfully.

December 15th: Venus in Sagittarius. Surround yourself with beauty (i.e. holiday decor, new hair, fresh playlists, baked goods, a pretty Zoom background, etc.). This aspect will improve our enjoyment of the holidays.

December 20th: Mercury in Capricorn. Professionalism comes into focus, especially in the areas of communication, journalism, marketing, and performance arts.

December 21st: Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction in Aquarius. By and large the most highly anticipated astrological event of the year, this rare and powerful aspect will dramatically impact technology and communal structures for decades to come.


Sagittarius: Happy birthday! Your returning karma is looking strong this season, so watch any investments for surprises. With Venus in your sign mid December, you feel especially beautiful and lucky in love. The Great Conjunction on solstice may inspire you to let go of a secret that has weighed heavily on you. Self care tip: slow and steady usually wins.

Capricorn: Sag season is your time to tap into the collective and share your ideas. Mercury in Capricorn highlights your way of speaking, body language, writing skills, etc. The Great Conjunction on solstice will bring the dramatic shift you predict. Self care tip: cleanse your social media feeds of any content that doesn’t bring you joy.

Aquarius: You’re feeling warm at heart in Sag season as the sun hovers in your ruling eleventh house of community care. When Saturn moves through Aquarius, you’ll begin to evolve as a teacher. The Great Conjunction in your sign will empower you along this path. Self care tip: get out in the garden if you have one. Otherwise, a nature walk will suffice.

Pisces: Accept all accolades now. This is your time to be in the spotlight a work. Neptune moving direct will help lift a fog from your shoulders so your psychic powers can revitalize. The Great Conjunction on Solstice may bring a dramatic lifestyle shift. Self care tip: pick up a book if it’s been a while.

Aries: Get into the virtual classroom. Sagittarius season is your time to evolve intellectually. Be ready: you may fall upon unexpected fame at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on solstice. Self care tip: At the new moon in Sagittarius, perform a sensual at-home ritual to make your skin and aura glow.

Taurus: Wrap things up! Sag season brings you a relieving sense of finally having things in order. The Great Conjunction on Solstice may inspire you to go back to school. Self care tip: meditate for 20 minutes on weekdays and 40 minutes on weekends.

Gemini: Watch for fireworks! Clever twins are flirts this time of year. With a little stag season luck, the lunar eclipse full moon in your sign on November 30th will bring a personal goal to fruition. The Great Conjunction on Solstice will support your finances for years to come. Self care tip: enhance your memory with exercise and nutrition.

Cancer: Take care of you! With the sun in your sixth house of health, it’s time to connect back to your body. Indulge in nurturing skincare rituals at the new and full moons. The Solstice Great Conjunction will impact your assets and legacy for years to come. Self care tip: lessen the burden of eating well with a new gadget or food delivery service.

Leo: Get creative! With the sun in your fifth house of intuition and innovation, you’ll discover new talents this season that can be enhanced with a bit of your personal flair. The Great Conjunction in Aquarius could deliver a grand romantic moment or the inking of an important business deal. Self care tip: dance often to stay young.

Virgo: In years past, you’ve made the holidays work for everyone. In 2020, you’re learning which traditions actually matter to you. The Great Conjunction in your sixth house might bring a health-related lifestyle change that lasts the test of time. Self care tip: lean hard into DIY holiday crafts this year.

Libra: With your ruling planet Venus hovering near the sun, you’ll be admired for your beauty even more than usual. Sagittarius season is a good time to clear the air in relationships. The Great Conjunction in your fifth house of creativity will bring a successful launch or million dollar idea. Self care tip: schedule at least one long video chat or socially distant date with a friend or loved one per week. 

Scorpio: Goal-minded scorpions understand the value of the holiday season. Your second house of personal assets lights up at this time of year. The Solstice Great Conjunction may spur a major home-related shift such as a location change or renovation. Self care tip: fold your workout clothes beside your bed and dress first thing in the morning to inspire yourself to sweat.

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