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2020 Herbivore Gifts by Astrological Sign

Celebrate and care for your friends and family this year with the help of the stars’ guidance. 

Image by Sarah Wilcox


Sag has to share their birthday with the holidays. They deserve something special in the hopes of covering all celebratory bases. Consider our Cloud Nine Kit, an ideal 2020 discovery collection that features five of our bestsellers to pamper your stag’s skin from head to toe, birthday to new year.


Sea goats need a scrub to help them slough away the stress of a year of monotony. Think: our Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish. Another good idea: a high-vibe crystal skincare gift like our Rose Quartz Facial Roller to encourage Capricorn’s magical glow to emerge. 


Clever water bearers know how to take care of others. They also occasionally need gentle nudges from their people to take care of themselves. Encourage the Aquarius in your life to recharge and radiate after a year of thinking outside the box with a complete skin-softening, complexion-renewing treatment à la Exfoliate + Glow Self-Care Trio.


This year, cosmic fish dealt with a bit more psychic energy than they’d have liked, and their skin saw its share of the stress. A bottle of Lapis Facial Oil, formulated with clarifying blue tansy, taps into Pisces’ depth with its dreamy blue hue while helping to banish stress-related oiliness.


Always-on Aries needs the extra nourishment that Phoenix Facial Oil can provide. Rams hate dullness and dry skin with a vengeance, and Phoenix’s brightening neroli and nourishing rosehip oil provides just the revival needed. Elevate this gift with our universally favorited Coco Rose Body Polish.


It’s likely your cosmic bull is feeling tense from all the jaw clenching that comes with a long year of keeping everyone steady. Our Lapis Ritual Tool Kit comes with two stress-relieving crystal facial massage tools and a Lapis Facial Oil to help bring them to an immediate relieving pause, allowing their steady Taurus glow to radiate.


Cosmic twins will appreciate the dual/complementary nature of the pocket-sized Lapis and Phoenix Facial Oils included in our De-Puff + Glow Kit. A mini Jade Roller helps Geminis de-puff after a long year of staying up too late…or sleeping in too long.


Cancers are feeling crabby after a long year of riding emotional rollercoasters. Ground and illuminate sensitive crabs with our Coconut Milk Bath Soak combined with our new Coconut Milk Body Polish. Throw in a Coconut Body Oil to complete the collection, leaving cardinal water signs glowing.


Crown lordly lions with radiant skin with the help of our top-selling Jewel Box. This discovery-size set features a rainbow of oils and serums for mixing and matching depending on your Leo’s skin and changing needs after an exhausting year.


By-the-book Virgos will feel exhilarated by the idea of diverting from their usual nightly retinol and switching to our ultra-gentle Bakuchiol Retinol-Alternative Smoothing Serum. After a long year of keeping everything (and everyone) organized, a clean, revitalizing skincare update will help them redirect their focus inward for some much-needed self-love.


If anyone understands the importance of exfoliation, it’s Libras. Cosmic keepers of balance will embrace our Prism Exfoliating Glow Duo for its efficiency. After a long year of working to restore harmony at home and beyond, this pair will take a load off of Libra’s beautifying shoulders and bring the unbridled glow they desire.


Scorpions will surely emerge from their dark caves for our Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil and its fan-touted possibilities after a long year of manifestation spells for their families. Throw in a bar of Emerald CBD Soap to complete their evening skincare rituals.

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