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Magical Skincare Ritual Gifts

Inspired by cosmic energy, we’ve imagined a collection of rituals that incorporate manifestation and letting go along with renewing skincare. Bonus: they’re all currently available as special value holiday kits that everyone needs at this new moon and beyond. 

Cloud Nine Kit + Comfort Ritual – Need a lift after an exhausting year? The Cloud Nine Kit combines an assortment of Herbivore complimentary bestsellers to  refresh your skin and prompt intentional thinking.

Strip down and warm your shower or bath water.  Using your finger and a natural treat like chocolate syrup or tea water, write what your head & heart want to let go of anywhere on your body. . Step into a shower or bath and gently rinse the words down the drain, imagining that they are floating into the distant past. 

Polish your body with Coco Rose Body Polish, which is formulated with rosewater to hydrate and tone while soothing the body’s energetic heart center. Along with coconut oil, this polish provides nourishing comfort and extended moisture to the skin as you allow burdensome energy to flow down the drain.

Wash your face with Pink Cloud Creamy Jelly Cleanser, allowing the formula’s ultralight squalane oil to soften the skin and lift away makeup. Tremella mushroom plumps and hydrates as gentle surfactants whisk away the day’s impurities for baby-soft skin that reminds you that freshness and newness are always accessible.

Blend Prism Exfoliating Glow Serum and Lapis Face Oil in the palms of your hands and press into clean skin, reciting what you’re calling forth from the universe with each pat. I.e.: I call forth more “me” time. This serum/oil combo simultaneously works to exfoliate, brighten, clarify and moisturize the skin, all of which can have parallel effects on mood and outlook. Use these products regularly to further strengthen effects of this manifestation ritual.

Exfoliate + Glow Kit + Release Ritual – Feeling stuck? Some energetic blocks can be remedied with ritual. The Exfoliate + Glow Kit is a collection that comes with three exfoliators to give you glowing skin from head to toe and visions of a bright future.

Apply a thin layer of Prism Exfoliating Glow Facial to the skin. Sit and meditate as you allow the mask to work its magic. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your stomach and mentally check in with your body. Say to yourself: I’m listening, what do you need?

Allow the answers to come. Feel where the stuck energy is living in your body and breathe into those areas. Imagine the fresh oxygen and blood flowing through you, releasing blockages.

Pamper your body with Coco Rose and Amethyst body polishes. Imagine that Coco Rose is sending extra love to any tenderness in your body with the help of soothing rosewater. Picture Amethyst, with its smooth crystal granules, dousing your body in chakra-aligning vibrations along with luxe natural oils. 

Gently rinse off the scrubs and mask to complete this ritual glowing. 

De-Puff + Glow Kit + De-Stress Ritual – If you’re like most of us, 2020 has been a rollercoaster year. Stress-induced sleep deprivation, dehydration and emotions can all bring on puffiness in the face. This is where the De-Puff + Glow Self Care Trio Kit comes in to relieve puffiness and encourage chill. 

Apply Lapis Facial Oil, which is ideal for oily or breakout-prone skin, Phoenix Facial Oil, which is ideal for dry or dull skin, or a blend of both. With long strokes, use the roller to evenly distribute the oil and massage the face. 

A mini Jade Facial Roller is a key component of this kit and a must-have depuffing tool that moves lymphatic fluid and boosts circulation so the face looks instantly more refreshed and radiant.

The act of facial rolling itself is stress-relieving and meditative, and perfectly demonstrates how releasing the old invites in the fresh and new. 

Meditate on what has been causing you to become dehydrated or sleep-deprived, allowing the gentle rolling motion to help move this energy out of your body. Sit and meditate for a moment, filling yourself with contentment.

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