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Our Three Body Scrubs + What Makes Each One Special

Imagine dipping your toe into a full, steamy warm bath As you begin to relax & submerge into the water, you casually reach for a glass jar of body polish. The cap gently unwinds to reveal the soft ice cream-like texture of its contents and you scoop a dollop onto your torso, arms and legs. Gently scrubbing your body, you begin to enjoy the natural aromas of lush oils as soft granules exfoliate and melt into your skin. After massaging and polishing your body, you take a moment to rinse and enjoy the water. Your skin is now soft, smelling lightly of clean botanicals  while glowing radiantly.

You may have indulged in any one of Herbivore’s three body polishes. Our Coconut Milk Body Polish bathes your skin in deliciously silky hydration, glow-building nourishment and the comfort your skin needs. Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish is formulated with polished amethyst granules and intoxicating Jasmine Sambac to reveal royally soft and glowing skin. Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Polish combines nurturing rose, moisturizing coconut and hydrating sugar to maximally illuminate the skin.

Coconut Milk Body Polish

Coconut Milk Body Polish’s contains coconut milk, which is known for essential vitamins and amino acids that help to deeply pamper your skin. This ultralight yet richly nutritive milk is also responsible for leaving your skin so delightfully, almost addictively soft post bathing. We’ve also added coconut oil to provide similar rich nourishment to restore parched skin. Indulge in this body scrub to provide comfort to your skin that continues long after rinsing off. 

Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish

Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish is an exotic lavender-hued blend that leaves your skin luminous from invigorating crystal exfoliation and replenishing moisture. Nourishing virgin coconut oil melts into dreamy jasmine sambac to thoroughly hydrate the skin while igniting the senses. Mineral-rich salt and soft-polished amethyst granules slough dead cells to brighten the appearance of the skin. 

Amethyst crystals, salt, and jasmine sambac are loved for their  mood-calming reputations. Relish in silky-soft and moisturized skin with Amethyst Body Polish as well as added peace of mind.

Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Polish

Our Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Polish is perfect for those with sensitive skin or those in need of nurturing and self-love. This formula is one of our classics and includes rosewater to  soothe the skin during exfoliation and virgin coconut oil to deeply replenishing and hydrate.. The result is less simply fresh, illuminated skin. Rose is a powerful botanical that is believed to bring  warmth to the heart center.  Reach for this body scrub to fulfil your inner and outer glow needs.


Ultra-hydrating Coconut Milk Body Polish

Mood-calming Amethyst Body Polish

Skin-nurturing Coco Rose Body Polish

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