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While there are many things we can do to make our skin look and feel wonderful, the real key to youthful, skin is regular exfoliation. Our skin is made up of thousands of cells, which over the course of each month fall off to make room for new cells.  However, sometimes this process slows down due to a number of reasons and old skin cells start to build up, leaving skin feeling rough, dry, and looking dull. Regular exfoliation can help to shed the old and make way for the new: radiant, clear, and smooth skin. It helps to fade scars, unclog pores, and boosts circulation which brings fresh oxygen to the area, an essential nutrient for healing. To give your skin a boost, try exfoliating 2-3x per week with any of these three products and uncover fresh, healthy looking skin.

Blue Tansy Mask - Contains BHAs from White Willow Bark and AHAs from Fruit Enzymes which help gently shed the top layer of skin and exfoliate to unclog pores smoother complexion

Brighten Mask  - With Pineapple and Papaya enzymes and Brazilian White Tourmaline Gemstone, this mask not only exfoliates but also brings circulation within the top layer of the skin to increase skin cell turnover and more vibrant skin.

Coco Rose Body Polish - The combination of Coconut Oil, Moroccan Rose, and fine granules of sugar which help to gently shed layers of dead cells while richly hydrating the skin.