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You know we just love crystals here at Herbivore Botanicals and we can't wait to share our passion with you! Each month we will be featuring a crystal, sharing their properties, benefits, and how to use them! 
This month we're loving SPIRIT QUARTZSpirit Quartz is a beautiful stone that grows many small crystals from it. 
Found only in South Africa, this stone is mined by the women of the tribe who take great care and attention in finding and cleaning the stone. 
• Universal Love 
• Assists in letting go of issues you've been holding onto. 
• Helps you forgive yourself and forgive others. 
• Brings harmony, balance, + calmness into your life. 
• Releases negativity from you. 
• Uplifts your Soul and fills your life with feelings of Universal Love! 
• Carry in your pocket so it's with you all day and you can feel it's power while you go about your day
• Place it around your house to change the energy of your home to match the frequency of the crystal (Universal Love )
• After a long bath and oil massage, safely light candles and burn some sage, play some uplifting music (we love Chattra Chakkra Varti by White Sun to remove fears) and place Spirit Quartz on your heart, your hands on your belly and spend at least 10 minutes in deep relaxation, with long deep breathing. 


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