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How to Use a Facial Roller for Ultimate Glow

Facial rolling is great for encouraging circulation, moving stagnant toxins, releasing tension and puffiness and it even helps your skincare better absorb! 

Here are some tips on how to roll: 

Facial rolling works by gently massaging the face from the centerline out toward the temples and hairline, then down the lymph nodes of the neck. 

  • Step 1 – Apply a serum or facial oil before using a facial roller, which helps to minimize tugging on the skin and helps the roller to glide easily over the skin.
  • Step 2 – Use firm yet gentle pressure to roll from the center of the face outwards in even strokes. Repeat the same number of strokes on both sides of the face to ensure an even and balanced de-puffing effect.
  1. Forehead – Begin between the brows and roll in short strokes upwards towards the hairline. Continue with upward strokes across the forehead to the temples.
  2. Under-eye area – Using the smaller side of the roller, begin at the inner corner of the eye and roll along the eye socket to the temple in one smooth, continuous stoke with increasing pressure at the temple.
  3. Cheeks – Roll with broad stokes from the nose outwards towards the ear. Repeat across the entire cheek area.
  4. Jawline – Begin at the center of the chin, and roll along the jaw bone to relieve muscle tension. Once finished with the jawline, make one long sweeping motion from the center of the hairline down to the upper jaw and earlobe. This allows for the best circulation and drainage to occur prior to doing the neck.
  5. Neck – Roll from below the earlobe down to the neck, towards the collarbones to encourage drainage to the lymph nodes.

    Trying to decide which roller is right for you? Each of our facial rollers are made of crystal stones, which deliver their own special metaphysical benefits. Our Jade and Rose Quartz Facial Rollers are said to attract the following types of energy—choose the stone with the intention and color that calls the loudest:

    • Jade: prosperity and heart healing
    • Rose Quartz: love and compassion

      Need more info? Watch our brief tutorial.

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