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Herbivore Facial Oils: A Guide

Herbivore offers five different facial oils, and — like the world’s most famous sisters — each has its own vibe and unique benefit profile! Browse the key highlights of each oil below to easily select the oil(s) your skin is calling for:

  • Phoenix Facial Oil is our deeply regenerative facial oil, crafted to revive skin that’s dry, mature, dull, or exposed to harsh climates. Like a phoenix being reborn from the ashes, a blend of luxe botanical oils and CoQ10 dramatically revitalizes dry skin or any skin in need of replenishment and deep renewal. Not to be underestimated, this powerful oil is anti-aging, intensely moisturizing and still has time to get her law degree.
  • Lapis Facial Oil is our most nurturing and clarifying facial oil, like mama bear, Kourtney, who wants us all to live our best lives. This oil holds a component called azulene which aids skin that’s dry, irritated, red, and/or in need of balance. Formulated for combination, oily, blemish-prone skin types or any skin in need of balancing hydration, Lapis is a powerful daily step toward a clear, soothed complexion.
  • Orchid Facial Oil is our beauty oil and matches your radiant personality. It contains lush, exotic floral oils that provide the skin with dewy hydration and glow. Formulated for all skin types, this oil is ideal for those in need of hydration and protection against visible signs of aging. Its versatile texture blends easily with makeup and works well on its own as a natural highlighter when dabbed on the cheekbones as a finishing touch to your look. Orchid is additionally wonderful as a light perfume or cuticle oil—so no matter what life throws your way, you’ll glow while doing so, just like Koko.

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  • Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil is a lightweight, quick-absorbing formula that’s best for sensitive skin that’s in need of full moisture. Hemp seed oil provides balancing, soothing moisture that lasts all day and/or night, so your skin can relax, glow and be happy. We consider her the “chill” sister. This skin-calming and seriously hydrating omega-rich hemp seed oil blend contains adaptogenic shiitake mushroom and ashwagandha root, which help to protect your skin from environmental stress.
  • Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil is a CBD-infused version of our original Emerald formula. CBD is a powerful ingredient that helps to soothe visible signs of stress, like redness and irritation. She’s also the richest. Choose this oil if your skin is prone to inflammation. 100 mg of premium organic Colorado-grown full-spectrum CBD aids stressed-out skin in need of calm, while adaptogens help to build the resilience of your skin.

Tip: While they do make perfect potions for the skin when blended together, there are huge textural and application differences between facial oils and serums. Read up on Herbivore Serums here! 

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