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May HERBIscopes: Monthly Reports for All Zodiac Signs

The blooms of May are opening to the sun. Taurus season is in full swing. The collective is becoming curious and inquisitive. Tend to your health, renew your intentions, and turn your curiosity into fresh ideas. Plan a picnic, stock your shelves with healthy food, and get outdoors to commune with nature. It’s a fine time to try new things, like our Cloud Jelly Serum, our recently released hydrating formula, made with warm-weather superfoods like strawberry and peach extract, leaves skin feeling plumped with moisture. 

This month’s shifts and highlights: 

May 11th – Use the new moon in Taurus to add big-ticket items to your manifestation list. 

May 21st – Gemini season, a time of cleverness, opposition, polarity, friendship, twinning, and pairing begins. Get your crew involved in something fun. 

May 23rd – Saturn retrograde may bring a slowdown in areas of discipline. Do what you can to stay accountable to yourself now. 

May 26th – A full moon and total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius will bring luck and open doors.

May 29th – Mercury turns retrograde until June 22nd, slowing down/pressing pause on projects and communication. 


Open that bottle of vintage red or break out the high tea. A conversation could reveal a lucky clue. The eclipse on the 26th is a great day to do something you’ll later thank yourself for. 

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Take the month of May to dive deep into research or spiritual practice and pursue quality sleep. At the eclipse on the 26th, you’ll find the words to set the boundaries you need. 

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Make reservations for your birthday early, preferably around the new moon on May 11th. The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 26th may bring shifts in your day-to-day.  

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Your career is a source of energy. Follow any urge to give back, volunteer, or provide mentorship. The lunar eclipse on May 26th will be a good day to finish a creative project.

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You’re taking life lessons from the universe that will change your trajectory forever. As we near the eclipse on the 26th, you’ll translate what you’ve learned into a new path forward. 

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Major partnerships may end or reach new heights. The new moon in Taurus is a beautiful day to get engaged or start a new job. You may finish coursework around the eclipse on the 26th. 

Cosmic skincare match: stay grounded as you make big commitments with a bath infused with our Coconut Milk Bath Soak


Give the person you’re closest to some extra love. Around the 26th, you may see a large return on investment from six months ago. Wait until Mercury goes direct in June to cash in. 

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You’re making progress in the health department and are building self-care habits. What you attract at the lunar eclipse on May 26th will surely be something loving. 

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You’re oozing creativity, which is helping you to live a healthier life. At the lunar eclipse on May 26th, make a major shift somewhere in your schedule to free up the energy you need.  

Cosmic skincare match: spend time bathing with Coconut Milk Body Polish to slough away dead skin and inspire a flow of ideas. 


You’re taking care of your home and body temple with luxurious baths and delicious meals. At the lunar eclipse on the 26th, you may dive into an art project that will feed your soul. 

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You’ll be able to communicate well in all matters of life. Journaling can help with understanding. The lunar eclipse on the 26th of May could bring out your inner hermit. 

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You’re leveling-up in the world, and it shows in the responsibility you’re handling. Share your story and energy with friends, family, and followers to celebrate the lunar eclipse on the 26th. 

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