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Morning Rituals with Allison Rapson of We are the XX


We are always inspired by women who are changing the world. Enter Allison Rapson, co-founder of We Are The XX, a women's founded and run media company that is also soon-to-open their own women's co-working and event space in Brooklyn, The XX House. Not only is Allison passionate about giving women of the world a platform to be heard and seen, she is a huge proponent on self-care, as taking care of ourselves is truly the foundation through which we can develop the confidence and grace to thrive in the world. She exudes elegance and radiates beauty from the inside out. We sat down with Allison and asked her a few questions on self-care as she showed us a few of her favorite products from the Herbivore Botanicals collection. 



Why is self-care important to you?
Self-care is important to me because it's love in action; a ritual of nourishing your own self and exercising gratitude for the beauty that is you. Being intentional with the way you take care of yourself, the way you approach beauty, the way you cultivate the thoughts you think about yourself and your internal dialogue, the way you support your body, the choice you always have to celebrate yourself is, perhaps, one of the most rewarding practices.
How have daily acts + rituals of self-care impacted your life? 
The sincerity we bring to these small, daily expressions of self-care not only dramatically changes the lens through which we perceive ourselves, but also sets a precedent for how others perceive us as well. As women, especially, it's critical we fall in love with our relationship with ourselves as, in my opinion and experience, this is the key to confidently pursuing our creativity, desires, ideas and passions in life; to believe we've got exactly the right ingredients to bring these passions into form, into life. If we genuinely believe this, self care becomes a non-negotiable.



No. 1 skincare tip for glowing skin?
Though there are a number of gorgeous oils and important hydration products I could list here, the surest way I've been able to help my skin radiate and glow is by choosing to get quality sleep. Our skin is our largest organ and I've noticed that when I commit to giving myself the gift of sleep, my skin responds in the biggest way.
Favorite Herbivore Botanicals product? 
I love the Coco Rose Coral Lip Tint! It's such a versatile product: I use it on my lips as well as on my cheek bones to give them a subtle, rosy hue. 





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