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Morning Rituals with Colette McDermott

We got to spend the morning with the sweetest lady, Colette McDermott, daughter of wellness + beauty blogger Shiva Rose and actor Dylan McDermott, who is currently living in NYC while studying art history with a concentration in visual arts at Barnard. We've admired her radiant beauty and big smile from afar and luckily got to learn all about the tips + routines that makes her skin glow.

When did you get into beauty + wellness? Definitely through my mom!! I used to just want to be normal and would come home to my mom ranting about parabens in my Pantene Pro-V shampoo that I would buy and hide from her so I could use what all the other girls were using. Once I moved out of the house and was able to make choices for myself, I found that I felt so much better when I was being kind to my body and approaching my life through a holistic lens. 



 What are some of your favorite beauty secrets? As someone young and with ever fluctuating hormones - evening primrose. i recommend it to all my friends - i think it really helps with breakouts along with water and moisturizing and eating well! I also recently discovered Herbivore Botanicals and LOVE to use Pink Cloud Creme before putting on makeup. It makes your skin glow and helps makeup to go on smoothly. When I'm finished getting ready, I'll apply another dab or two to my cheek bones to really give my skin that dewy finish.



Any foods for beauty? I eat pretty intuitively so I think what makes you feel good will makes you look good! For me, it's lots of healthy fats, which also help to keep your hormones balanced and make your skin glow. I rarely go a day without avocados and chocolate!

How do you stay zen while living in NYC? In New York, I think it's important to take a moment before stepping foot out the door - whatever that means for you. I often sit in silence and clear my mind. It also means rituals to recover from the day: long baths, soft music, taking time to be present and off my phone is so important to stay zen in this very busy city!


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