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Rose Quartz Gua Sha Beauty Tools

Introducing our new Rose Quartz Facial Gua Sha tools to the Herbivore Botanicals collection! Gua Sha has been used for healing in Chinese Medicine for centuries. It can help to move qi (energy in the meridians), increase blood circulation, and move lymphatic fluid so the skin can begin to heal itself with ease as well as decrease puffiness. With use over time, the increase of blood circulation can help to stimulate skin cell regeneration for a youthful, radiant glow. 

Our Gua Sha Facial Tools are crafted from the luxurious and healing gemstone, Rose Quartz. Commonly known as the healer of the Heart and one of the great beautifying crystals, Rose Quartz can help to ease tension + stress in the body, soothe anxiety, and increase self-love, which is essential when it comes to clear, smooth skin. 

Here's a Gua Sha ritual via Britta Beauty that is easy to do at home! After cleansing and applying one of our facial oils to help the stone glide easier, try these steps at home for a glowing complexion: 

Under the chin: Sweep from the middle of the soft under-chin out to the bottom of your earlobe.

Jaw: Start at the outer corner of the jaw and sweep down to the dip above the middle of the right collarbone.

Chin: From the middle of the chin, under the lower lip, sweep out to the ear.

Cheek: Sweep from the corner of the nose out to the middle ear.

Under-eye: Being especially light and slow, sweep over the under-eye area, where “eye bags” would show up, and out to the temple, all the way to the hairline.

Eyebrow: On the brow bone, sweep from inside corner out to the temple.

Third eye: Stroke from center of eyebrows up to hairline.

Lower forehead: From the center of the forehead above the eyebrow, sweep toward the ear.

Big sweep: Here, we bring everything we’ve moved to the outer edges of the face all the way back down to the collarbone. Start at the center of the upper forehead and trace down the hairline, over the temple, then curve behind the ear, and down the side of the neck to collarbone.



*Note: These beautiful Rose Quartz Facial Tools are made from precious gemstones and can break if they’re dropped, so make sure to care for your facial tools with extra love. Due to the natural properties of the Rose Quartz Gemstone, shape and color can vary.

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