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Perfectly Normal Color Changes in Blue Tansy Mask

Blue Tansy Mask is one of our favorite clarifying facials that gently purifies the pores,  helps reduce the appearance of dullness, and soothes skin. Blue tansy oil, a key ingredient in this formula, contains azulene, the soothing compound responsible for this mask’s skin-calming benefit, plus its blue-green, oceanic hue. 

Fans of Blue Tansy Mask have called out the changing color of this product, and this is entirely normal. A key to remember is that this formula falls in line with our ingredient philosophy, which ensures that all of our ingredients are not only sourced sustainably, they also don’t include potentially problematic ingredients or synthetics, parabens, and phthalates either. 

It’s normal for naturally-derived ingredients like blue tansy oil to vary in hue. Depending on the crop, Blue Tansy Mask can vary from deep blue/gray to a mossy green. This is important because it indicates that the color of your Blue Tansy Mask does not necessarily indicate its efficacy. 

Natural ingredients such as blue tansy oil are not as resistant to light and temperature exposure as synthetic colorants, meaning their color may change over time, even within its recommended use-by date. 

We don’t use UV stabilizers like benzophenone, which is commonly added to skincare to help prevent hue changes. No matter the hue, from green to blue, Blue Tansy Mask is safe and effective when used as directed within its twelve-month shelf life. Happy masking!


Blue Tansy Exfoliating Clarity Mask