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Pisces Season HERBIscopes: Astrological Reports for All Zodiac Signs

As the last phase of the astrological calendar year, Pisces season is a therapeutic, reflective, and visionary time.

Pisces is a versatile water sign known for carrying psychic gifts. Ready your crystals and Tarot cards—late February and much of March will naturally highlight these abilities in all of us. 

Spring cleaning alert! A full moon in Virgo on February 27th will endow us with the energy to organize. On March 11th, 2021, it will officially have been a year since the WHO declared a global pandemic. What have you accumulated over the previous twelve months that could use clearing out?

On March 13th, the new moon will join the sun, Neptune, and Venus in the Pisces. This will be an exciting day to set intentions as we prepare for the spring equinox and astrological new year on March 21st. Rest with intention and bolster your energy with grounding activities like gardening, walking, yoga, and cooking. 


Let your heart be your guide, Pisces. You’ll enter your birthday season in a meditative mood with slow planets hovering in your subconscious 12th house. As spring nears, you’ll feel increasingly balanced thanks to confident Venus clasping hands with the sun. Use this star map to inspire a mini sprucing-up of your living space and wardrobe. Balance begets beauty. Make time to practice the fine art of doing nothing. Spend time in nature near water—your power element—and soak in a tub infused with Detox Bath Salts to honor the new moon in your sign on March 13th. 


Keep your fiery jets cool for now, ram, because powerful planets are hovering shoulder-to-shoulder in your group-oriented eleventh house. Stick to egalitarian methods when acting as a fair leader and things will feel progressively calmer. You may be tasked with using skills you learned in childhood to be a gentle guiding force for others. As long as you can remember to give yourself the care you need before jumping to help those around you, you’ll indeed thrive. As a passionate fire sign, your skin may need deeper moisture and regular exfoliation due to proneness to dehydration. 


Slow and steady wins, you might say. Your stability and pragmatic approach to the world is finally earning you the recognition and gratitude you deserve from those around you. The power you’re gaining now may be more symbolic than tangible, but your labors will all but certainly bear fruit. You may have been asked to step into a role that makes you feel resistant. Stress not. You have what is needed to get the job done your way. Your reliable nature extends to your self-care routines. You like to stick to your habits and you refuse to shy away from luxury. Treat yourself to hot showers and baths complete with Coco Rose Body Scrub to finish the winter season glowing. 


With the stars as they are, you may be graduating from apprentice to practitioner this season, feeling in tune with your work and inspired to apply your expanded knowledge. Take advantage of the balancing energy of Venus with a crystal bathing ritual that elevates your glow and overall vibration at once. The planet of beauty and business may bring an opportunity to make an investment near the new moon in Pisces on March 13th. If a proposal passes your tests, go for it! Speaking of gut checks, too-good-to-be-true opportunities will also cross your path this season. It’s your job to be discerning upfront. 


To say that you’ve been experiencing one paradigm shift after another lately would be putting it lightly. Thankfully, the sun in sister water sign Pisces will smooth the flow of life’s ups and downs for a spell to give you a well-deserved break from some of the drama. Take time off to conduct future-focused research. You may receive an influx of money as repayment for a favor you forgot about. Whether you do or don’t, you deserve a nourishing bath milk to soothe your spirit and replenish your skin’s softness in time for spring. 


Long term bonds on the brain? Pisces season will encourage you to make bold moves in the happily-ever-after department. This could mean anything that takes things up a notch, like being sensual in a new way, inking a marriage certificate, changing a social status or handle, or elbow-tap handshaking with a new business partner. You could be in for a wild ride as you swing into this new role. Physically, you’re gaining strength in uncharted muscle groups. Your health and stress levels will thank you for your efforts this season. Hydrate and tone your skin post-workout with a spritz of Jasmine Green Tea Toner


Trickster Uranus and taskmaster Saturn are examining your day-to-day with a fine-tooth comb right now, and that might feel uncomfortable, but in a good way? These two head-to-head suggest a connection between routine and surprise. It’s natural for your sign to hate surprises and love routines, but remember that growing for you means sometimes coloring outside your well-worn lines. This is a good thing. Allow your life to get a little messy. Make a few mistakes once in a while to help you avoid setting the bar too high for others. 


It’s time for a makeover, this time for your mind, body, and soul. A flurry of planets in your house of health and wellness will support you as you seek out healing experiences like (socially distant) retreats, cooking classes, dance, etc. All season long, watch for significant perspective changes and reminders that good habits and planning pay off. Embrace the power of positive feedback loops like high-interest savings accounts and skincare that helps to prevent signs of aging. Got something to share? Use Pisces season to make yourself known. Be the star of your story, which you’re finally feeling ready to reveal. 


Significant shifts in dwelling circumstances will keep you preoccupied as Pisces season begins; things like moving in with a lover or getting ready to sell a property. Venus in Pisces will guide you into extraordinary circumstances that are more financially and energetically sustainable. As the season progresses, you’ll think more clearly and creatively, so take your time. Decorate your home with fresh flowers, and remember to water your plants. Make little altars around the house to enhance your intuitive gifts. Take care of your skin with Phoenix Face Oil to revive your glow as you prepare for spring. 


For stags of the stars, Pisces season begins with communication in focus. As the zodiac sign most likely to insert your foot in your mouth, you’ll need every reminder to balance your truthful nature with practiced diplomacy. As our winter months draw to a close, you’ll feel like making your home more delightful. Feeling nostalgic for pre-covid dinner parties? Remember: Never make a dish for the first time when you’re having people over. Practice recipes now to impress your crew later. Energetic fire signs like yourself run the risk of having dry, dehydrated skin. Keep a hydration-locking Jasmine Body Oil on hand and apply liberally on lounging days. 


Pisces season invites you to ask for what you want, be it love, money, free time, assistance, etc. These pressured times call for your cardinal strategic prowess. Just because we’re in a pandemic doesn’t mean the iron isn’t hot enough to strike, although you’ll do best first to clarify the details of your needs. You won’t get as far as you can if you stay tucked behind the scenes. As the saying goes, closed mouths don’t get fed. During intuitive water seasons such as this one, earth signs like yourself will feel especially drawn to Brighten Instant Glow Mask, a formula that includes micronized white tourmaline. Stay ideally hydrated to keep your vocal cords happy. 


After a birthday month fueled by personal growth and refreshing changes in perspective, manifesting abundance becomes your focus during Pisces season. No one understands the value of your time better than you. You may require a change or restructuring of your world to better align with your values. Look to the past to reconnect to ideas you once treasured. Dust off boxes in storage or connect with elders who’ve watched you grow to find sparks of inspiration. Dedicate time for Aquarian activities like tinkering and expanding. You might be busy, so schedule self-care tasks like exfoliation into your calendar.