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Pink Cloud: A Water Creme without Chemicals

Finally, a hydrating creme with all the ingredients to moisturize, nourish and soothe skin without harsh chemicals. Our new Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme is formulated to naturally create a lightweight feeling without the Polysorbates and Acrylate Polymers (aka plastics and silicones) that are normally added to water creams to get their desired texture. Aside from not wanting to create a product with any unnatural ingredients that can harm the body, plastics and silicones are known to easily clog pores since it’s like coating the skin with a layer of plastic. Plastic is also a well-known endocrine disruptor, meaning it can lead to hormonal imbalances and certain types of cancers. No, thank you!

After months of research and formulation, we have created a lightweight, build-able, 100% natural synthetic-free moisturizing cream with a dewy finish that is truly good for your skin, staying true to our mission to create all natural products using the best ingredients the planet has to offer!

Pink Cloud is formulated without:

Toxic Preservatives, Parabens which are known to cause cancer, Phenoxyethanol, which is toxic to the Nervous System, a carcinogen, and irritates the skin, Petrolueum, Acrylate Polymers, Silicones, Synthetic Colors and any synthetic ingredients whatsoever!


Jul 13, 2020 • Posted by Abby

I echo all of these comments- I have NEVER found a moisturizer that I loved as much as this and I’ve tried a LOT. I was holding out to re-stock until my supply was a little lower, but now I’m so afraid I’ve missed my chance and I’m down to the last little bit of my mini! This stuff is such a game changer for my skin and I really hope that it’s just a delay in supply and that it’s not gone forever <3

Jul 11, 2020 • Posted by Linda Iribarren

Was so excited to see your 30% off sale, and went right to your site to order a few jars of my favorite product, Pink Cloud moisturizer, but can’t find it anywhere. Please help! Although I use a number of your products, this is an every day multiple times staple. When will it be back in stock?

Jul 11, 2020 • Posted by Kate Anderson

I see I’m not the only one trying to repurchase Pink Cloud moisturizer. I adore this delicate cream and would love to know why it’s unavailable everywhere, yet there is no explanation as to why this is so. Is it discontinued? Or is it backordered due to an ingredient sourcing issue? Please! Let the Pink Cloud fans know!!!!

And if it is indeed gone forever, what do you recommend as its replacement?

Jul 08, 2020 • Posted by Juliana Baughman

WHAT? Where did my PINK CLOUD go? It’s my favorite and only moisturizer that WORKS for my ~ very dry skin~!

Jul 07, 2020 • Posted by Ron

Please bring back the pink cloud moisturizer, is it my favorite!! it is the only thing that doesn’t make my face mad!!! and really makes it smooth!! ugggghhhh

Jul 04, 2020 • Posted by Sandra Nash

What happened to the Pink Cloud moisturizer? It is so soothing and I want to order but it seems to be gone. Please bring it back.

Jul 01, 2020 • Posted by Pam

Good evening. What happened to the pink cloud rose water moisturizer. I can not add to my cart. Is it gone? What took its replacement. This was by far the best moisturizer ever.

Thank you

Apr 10, 2018 • Posted by Becky Meadows

I’m new to your brand, and this Pink Cloud Moisturizer sounds lovely, without any harmful or artificial ingredients! I’d love to find out more, by giving my honest review, if you have a sample available! Thank-you for keeping skincare how it should be, natural!

Jan 04, 2018 • Posted by B

This product sounds amazing! You talk a lot about the preservatives that you DONT use, but what exactly is the healthy preservative that you DO use? Looking forward to trying it!

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