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RITUAL OF THE WEEK : Physical Exfoliation

There are two kinds of exfoliation: physical, like when we uses a scrub or a dry brush, and chemical, where ingredients like AHA’s and BHA’s provided by nature (fruit enzymes) gently peel away the top layer of dead skin through a natural biochemical reaction (a natural chemical - not harsh manmade chemicals). 

In last week’s newsletter and blog posts we talked all about chemical exfoliating with our Brighten + Blue Tansy Masks and their star ingredients AHA + BHA. The skin on our face is much more sensitive than our bodies. This is why gentle chemical exfoliation using gel masks that contain fruit enzymes to peel away the dead skin is much more beneficial for our face rather than scrubbing, which can cause tiny abrasions. 

However, the skin on the rest of our body is much thicker and *loves* a good scrub down! Not only does using a body scrub help to shed away the layers of dead skin that can build up and cause dryness but also increases blood circulation, lymphatic circulation which in turn keeps the immune system strong, and helps drain toxins from the body. It also just plain old feels good! A few times a week, in the shower or in the bath, make sure to give your skin a good scrub for healthy skin, a healthy body, and a calm mind from all the love you’re giving to yourself!