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September HERBIscopes: Monthly Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs

Happy September! We are deep into Virgo Season at the beginning of the month, just in time to tie up loose ends before new weather hits. The ninth month of the year contains the fall equinox on the 22nd, which also coincides with the beginning of luminous Libra season. This day will mark the end of the final end of summer and the dawn of fall.

Transits for your September calendar:

  • Full moon in Pisces on September 2nd. Perform nourishing self-care rituals, like taking a long hike or switching to a deep moisture face oil for the cool weather.
  • Mercury in Libra on September 5th until the 27th: Shining successes will be encouraged by powers of poise and persuasion. Then, when Mercury is in Scorpio on September 27th, the truth shall prevail, at least until the end of October.
  • Venus in Leo on September 6th. Now that you’ve spruced up your home or made plans to do so while Venus was in Cancer, it’s time to elevate your self-image.
  • Mars will go retrograde in Aries on September 10: Don’t bet on getting much done until mid-November. Be happy if you do!
  • Retrograde Jupiter goes direct in Capricorn on September 12th: Already growing things will start to grow faster now. (Don’t forget your mask!)
  • New moon in Virgo arrives on September 17th. Get to your seasonal cleaning on or around this day. You’ll discover stuff in the dust! If you live in the USA, aim to register to vote by this day at the very latest.
  • Fall Equinox on September 22nd, which is also the first day of Libra season.
  • Saturn goes direct in Capricorn on the 29th of September: The planet of rules and discipline will awaken from his three-month nap just in time to strike down corruption.

Please note! HERBIscopes will be delivered at the first day of the new sun season (no longer at the first of each month) moving forward. Your next HERBIscope will come on the first day of Libra Season on September 22nd. 


Happy Birthday! Virgo season is a truly lovely time of year, just like you are! Somebody in your circle knows this all too well and admires you. If things get intense, no worries. You’ll be grounded by Mars retrograde in Aries on September 10th, which will give you time to rebuild if worries come up. This transit will also help you to spend more wisely than usual.  

September self-care tip:

Make a coronavirus-era adjustment, like artfully arranging your Hand Hero Sanitizing Gel and masks in the entryway, or installing a touchless kitchen faucet.


You’ll get the change to lay any drama that’s been percolating for the last four months to rest. Let it go, because your friend zone is about to light up and lighten you up. Use the remainder of Virgo season to look at your overall numbers and make some adjustments so you can slide into 2021 with a bit more freedom to enjoy.

September self-care tip:

Practice yoga for better posture.


The full moon in Pisces looks like to be an emotional day for you. While Mercury is in Libra, it will be easier to communicate with your ancestors, and you may choose to adopt a family tradition in their honor. Sit back and watch your money grow while Mars is in retrograde in Aries. Avoid big moves until mid November.

September self-care tip:

Focus on consistency in one or two areas for September. For example, run three times per week or eat three servings of greens per day all month to develop a new habit.


Venus in Leo revs your engine in September, nudging you to think outside the box in matters of the heart. Consider what you hadn’t considered before, when you were a different person than you are now. Finances are looking up after September 12th when your ruling planet Jupiter awakens from his retrograde hibernation.

September self-care tip:

Teach yourself a new way to work smarter not harder this month for more chill time.


You’ll be a vivacious queen this month, and a sassy one at that, so keep your vibes chill with daily exercise and grounding meals. Use the full moon to wield your positive attitude and stellar ideas to make a mark in your career. Jupiter awakening in your first house of self will boost your confidence and clear obstructions.

September self-care tip:

Stretch before bed each night.


This is a fine month for love, so book that date day. This is particularly true of the Virgo full moon on the 27th that suggests spicy adventures. Avoid digging up the past, though, and whether you do or you don’t, you’ll be able to thoroughly tend to old wounds after Jupiter goes direct mid-month, and even more so after Saturn goes direct on the 29th. 

September self-care tip:

Pick up a good book and read.


Go ahead and spill the beans! No matter the outcome, you’ll be happy you did. Mars retrograde in Aries after the 9th will creep into your area of personal assets, so keep an eye on your account transactions until mid-November. You may discover setbacks that cause your temper to flare, but all will be well so try to stay chill.

September self-care tip:

Celebrate the coming of cozy season with new bath products like a body scrub or soak.


Hold on to your wild horses at the beginning of September, when you’re bound to act impulsively. Let someone else take on some of your extra work. When Mars goes retrograde in your sign on the 9th, you’ll get a chance to grow up a bit more. The Virgo new moon will not only tame your temper, it’ll lay groundwork for better relationships.

September self-care tip: Give your feet some love every day. Rub them, move them, decorate them, etc.


Take it slow in new and new-ish relationships in September, or at least keep your expectations to a minimum for now. The same goes for new career positions. The Virgo full moon is looking lush, so break ground on that project, cast wishes for the harvest, and lay things to rest. You’ll be leveling up your self-control confidence throughout the month.

September self-care tip: 

Go for walks everyday. 


The full moon in Pisces will bring news of success, which will inspire you to aim higher. Stay playfully optimistic but be careful not to dismiss your instincts in relationships. Don’t deny your love of excitement and newness. Your airy sign may float in the way of vulnerability in a good way—take the bait. Remind yourself that this is what excites you in the first place.

September self-care tip:

Memorize at least five jokes.


Mars in Aries will foible your career plans and make you prone to wishy-washy behavior in relationships from September 9th to November 13th. Try to control your impulses, which are likely to be immature in nature. This bumbling about may actually work in your favor in matters of love, however. Your sign tends to trip gently into better circumstances by mistake.

September self-care tip:

Embrace the color yellow.


The Pisces full moon on September 2nd is a great day to propose or make a major move in a relationship. It’s also a day that could spell financial blessings via a new business partnership agreement. Full body workouts will bring you your best ideas. Avoid holding back when using your voice in the world. Do hold back on making grand romantic gestures.

September self-care tip:

Create a “jar” for any habit you want to break, such as a “sorry” jar or a “negative self-talk” jar. Invest that money wisely at the end of the month.