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What Are Reviewers Saying About Emerald CBD?

What are reviewers saying about Herbivore's Emerald CBD facial oil?

We’ve asked—and we have answers!

Ahead of our launch, we sent fifty samples of our new Emerald CBD facial oil to our most faithful Herbivore customers for feedback, and the results are in:

Emerging themes include reduced irritation and breakouts, evenly moisturized skin, an overall improvement in skin tone and texture, and—perhaps most excitingly—visible reduction in redness!

Highlighted figures (after two weeks of daily use):

  • 93% reported a reduction in redness
  • 93% reported that their skin felt softer more hydrated
  • 88% reported that their skin felt less irritated
  • 80% reported that they saw an improvement in their existing blemishes
  • 90% reported that their skin looked and felt better overall

Check out some of the quotes below to get a better sense of what reviewers are saying:

  • “This product healed my acne faster than any other product I've ever used, while calming my itchy, red skin (rosacea). I am amazed!”
  • “I found myself reaching for my concealer a heck of a lot less and feeling more "me" in the mirror.”
  • “This product really made my skin less red...I have struggled for years with redness!”
  • “I used Emerald CBD oil 2x a day most days and it seemed to regenerate my skin, making it feel and look better; less irritated and prone to breakouts. I found I didn't even have to use moisturizer or as much makeup. Highly recommend! Better than many of the numerous facial oils I've tried.”
  • “The scent was a little odd for me at first, but I eventually warmed up to it and enjoy it now. My skin texture has improved immensely.”
  • “I live a pretty stressful lifestyle, and my skin usually shows it. While using the Emerald CBD, my face was definitely less reactive to stress than it was before!”
  • “I am incredibly impressed with this product! In the... two weeks I have used this, my skin has become softer than it ever has before and is so much less stressed. I cannot wait to continue to see the results this product will have for my skin in the future.”
  • “The formula never made my skin overly oily or dry. I woke up every morning with softer skin. Will definitely repurchase, and keep in my nightly rotation.”

Head over to our Emerald shop to shop the Emerald CBD and our curation of CBD-related products!

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