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Aries Self-Care

Aries' thistle. Illustration by Wren McMurdo

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac calendar, occurring from March 21st to April 19th. In the Northern Hemisphere, this fiery season burns away winter doldrums to let the astrological new year and spring season emerge triumphantly. Aries carries wild and passionate energy that demands attention just as the spring season seems to do. New life reaches out to be noticed and cherished.

No matter your locale, possibilities refresh themselves when Aries energy abounds. It’s a time of heightened energy and action, bubbling excitement, and expressed urges. When in the midst of Aries season (or anytime Aries is playing a strong role in the skies and/or your life), apply bespoke practices to balance the energy at hand:

  • Champion Meditation. Aries is named after the Greek God of war and ignites our fighting spirit. Expect surges of motivation to accompany your desires while under Aries’ influence. Temper compulsivity by indulging in deep meditation. It’s likely that in typical Aries’ fashion, you’ll meditate extra intensely. This is a case of using Aries’ competitive nature productively, and can also be applied to your exercise ritual.
  • Dominate Your To-Do List. Aries is ruled by Mars—planet of action and swift forward motion—and its symbol is the mighty ram. This is a fine time to get things done, especially those you’re passionate about. Have a love affair with an art project, stack up chapters for the novel you’re writing, build that tiny home you’ve been dying to customize, etc. Aries season brings a stronger sense of passion and motivation, and with those, the opportunity to follow the heart with an awakened sense of direction and can-do attitude.
  • Take Charge. Aries is a cardinal sign of the zodiac, meaning its energy is inclined toward leadership. The fire sign encourages you to step up your game, whether you’re wrangling an overgrown garden or commanding your investment portfolio. Don your most appropriate ensembles and boss up your ‘tude, for Aries season is bound to bring out your inner ruler. The law of attraction is on the side of the proudly prepared, especially during Aries’ reign. Use adornment, organization, visualization, and conversation to manifest your following.
  • Balance the Fire: Manage the season’s flame with cooling practices that help to equalize any overwhelming Aries wildness. Incorporate our Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner into your skincare routine, and use a harmonizing facial oil like Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil. The cool sensations and metaphysical benefits offered by our Jade and Rose Quartz Facial Rollers help soothe and ground your nerves as they light up with radiant Aries passion. Filtered water, of course, always comes in handy when dousing out-of-control fires. Sip and enjoy (preferably alkaline) H20 regularly, and additionally upon any emotional agitation.