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Which Facial Roller with Which Facial Oil? All the Magical Possibilities

Using a facial roller is a sensorial experience like no other. The cool sensation of smooth crystal on your skin alone is worth your time. Since childhood, when have you had a daily excuse to just feel? Facial rolling is reminiscent of cloud-watching, finger painting, and flower sniffing in that it awakens your senses—and a little bit of your inner child, too.

Facial rolling rituals pair perfectly with moisture steps in skincare routines because they distribute product more evenly and aid the skin’s absorption. As a bonus, they also help the body to detoxify by moving stagnant fluid toward the lymph nodes for elimination. 

Because our individual facial rollers and oils carry specific energetic and therapeutic properties, there are a number of magical combinations to consider. For example, lapis stone is thought to aid in migraine relief and mental clarity, amethyst is known for its calming attributes, jade is considered lucky and heart-healthy, and rose quartz clears the way for self-love to bloom.

The following guide will help you match your specific mental, emotional, spiritual and dermal needs to a roller + oil combo that suits:

Use our Lapis Facial Roller with:

  • Lapis Facial Oil for clarity + balance
  • Orchid Facial Oil for vision + allure


What’s your favorite roller + oil combo? Questions or comments? Leave them below. We’d love to hear from you!

Use our Amethyst Facial Roller with:

Use our Jade Facial Roller with:


Use our Rose Quartz Facial Roller with:


What’s your favorite roller + oil glow combo and why? Leave us a comment below.


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