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BEAUTY TIP No. 7: Cold Water + Jasmine Green Tea Toner for Glowing Skin!

While the colder months make us want to take long hot showers and baths, sometimes this can actually cause our skin to become drier than we intend. If you find your skin is starting to act up, try using cooler water on your face than spending a long time under a cascade of hot water. The colder water will leave your skin feeling smoother as it tightens pores and it brings fresh circulation to your face giving your cheeks that rosy glow. Finish off with a spray or two of our Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner with ingredients like Jasmine to reduce redness and Green Tea Extract to give you a boost of antioxidants which help protect the skin from environmental stress (hello, freezing temps!).

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  The winter months can be one of the most challenging seasons to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. Freezing temps, strong winds, and overheated homes can cause our skin to feel and look drie...

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BEAUTY TIP No. 8: Bath Salts Shower Ritual

  For those who don’t have time for the full bath soak experience but want to feel calm and grounded, this is for you!  One of our favorite ways to use Calm or Detox Bath Salts if we’re pressed fo...

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