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The winter months can be one of the most challenging seasons to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. Freezing temps, strong winds, and overheated homes can cause our skin to feel and look drier than the Sahara desert. Aside from the discomfort of dryness alone, it can leave us with fine lines, inflammation, as well as blemishes as our skin needs moisture in order to stay balanced. For winter skin that needs some extra TLC, our Phoenix Oil is the perfect remedy!

Rosehip oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids. Sea Buckthorn, the richest natural source of Beta Carotene/Vitamin A, revitalizes the skin. CoQ10 helps for more youthful looking skin. Chia Seed CO2  is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. The combination of all of these ingredients will dramatically rehydrate and replenish your skin. Your skin will feel soft, smooth, and will leave you with a healthy glow all season long!

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CRYSTAL of the MONTH: Clear Quartz

  A New Year brings in a fresh energy of intention and new beginnings and one of our favorite ways to amplify energy is through crystals! Which brings us to the beautiful Clear Quartz, our crystal...

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BEAUTY TIP No. 7: Cold Water + Jasmine Green Tea Toner for Glowing Skin!

While the colder months make us want to take long hot showers and baths, sometimes this can actually cause our skin to become drier than we intend. If you find your skin is starting to act up, try...

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