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How Often Should I Wash my Face? And Other Cleansing Questions

In celebration of our newly-released Pink Cloud Creamy Jelly Cleanser, we are digging into your most pressing questions about facial cleansing.

Q. How often should I cleanse my face, generally? 

  1. We recommend cleansing twice per day with a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser like Pink Cloud Creamy Jelly Cleanser. Cleanse first in the morning before beginning your skincare routine, and again at night before bed.

Q. What is pH balance? Why does it matter in a cleanser?

  1. PH balance measures acidity versus alkalinity. Healthy skin has a pH balance level that is a touch on the acidic side, with levels ranging from 4 to 6. Your cleanser’s pH balance should fall within this same optimal range. Pink Cloud Cleanser features an optimally low pH balance of 5.5.

One way to guess your cleanser’s pH balance is by noting how foamy its lather is. High alkaline cleansers are typically very foamy and bubbly. A lot of soapy foam will quickly exacerbate dryness, irritation, breakouts, oiliness, and other signs that your skin’s balance is “off”. 

A creamy or jelly-textured cleanser with minimal foam is the most likely to have an ideal pH level for most skin types, which will help to keep your skin comfortably clean—not stripped and irritated. 

Q. Should I cleanse less frequently if I have dry skin? 

  1. Cleansing is an important step that’s best not to skip because prepping and opening the pores is essential for delivering moisture-restoring skincare. Those with skin that’s prone to dryness need to avoid strong cleansers and instead choose one that is pH balanced and deeply hydrating.

The Pink Cloud Cleanser formula is perfect for dry skin thanks to Tremella Mushroom, Coconut Water and Rosewater, which combine to bring maximum hydration to the skin. The formula for this cleanser includes Squalane Oil, which helps to restore the skin’s softness and comfortable moisture levels.

Q. If I have oily or combination skin, is it okay to use a cleanser with oil as an ingredient?

  1. Yes! Some oils actually help to control oil production in the skin. Squalane is very similar to our own sebum, helping to keep the skin from getting overly dry during cleansing—which would only irritate the skin and encourage more oil production. Pair your gentle cleanser with a face oil containing Blue Tansy, like our Lapis Facial Oil. This step helps to control shine and oiliness after cleansing and throughout the day.

Q. What happens if I don’t wash off my makeup at night?

  1. While it might be tempting to roll into bed before taking off your face, you do not want to make a habit of not washing off your makeup. Not only will your pillowcases be ruined, you’ll go to bed wearing what is essentially a facial mask made of a day’s worth of pollution, debris, dead skin and product buildup, causing premature aging, acne and uneven skin texture.

Q. Does Pink Cloud Cleanser remove makeup? How about SPF?

  1. Pink Cloud Cleanser’s vegan olive-derived Squalane and gentle natural surfactants melt away all non-waterproof makeup and yes, SPF

Q. Is Pink Cloud Cleanser safe to use on eye makeup? 

  1. Due to it’s ultra-gentle natural ingredients, Pink Cloud Cleanser is safe to use to remove eye makeup. Avoid getting Pink Cloud directly in your eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water if any irritation occurs.

Q. What benefits does Pink Cloud Cleanser offer in addition to cleansing?

  1. In addition to cleansing and removing non-waterproof makeup with gentle, low-foaming surfactants, Pink Cloud Cleanser also helps to:
  1. Restore the skin’s youthful plumpness, texture, hydration and dewy moisture
  2. Restore the skin’s protective moisture barrier, guarding against pollutants and premature aging
  3. Reduce the look of redness and irritation

Do you have a facial cleansing question that we haven’t answered here? Leave it in the comments section below!


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