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Anti-Aging Skincare

Babchi extract is one of our favorite natural anti-aging skincare ingredients, and it’s also the star ingredient of our newest product addition: Bakuchiol Retinol-Alternative Smoothing Serum. This beautiful serum utilizes the power of purple botanicals for a complexion that’s consistently smooth, bright and glowing. Its potential blooms when used in tandem with other Herbivore favorites to create an anti-aging routine that brings about your healthiest glow:

  • Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum + Phoenix Facial OilThis duo is dynamite when it comes to fighting damage from age, stress, and environment, and the two products swirl together like a dream. With ultra-nourishing CoQ10 and brightening neroli, Phoenix is your ticket to deep-yet-dewy moisture. Bakuchiol’s ingenious blend keeps the skin looking and feeling bouncy and fresh thanks to ingredients like plumping Tremella mushroom and blueberry stem cells. Both products used together equals dewy skin and moisture that lasts.
  • Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum + Emerald Deep Moisture Glow OilWith ultra-soothing hemp and squalene oil ingredients, Emerald Glow Oil delivers moisture that closely resembles your skin’s own natural moisture, making it light and comfortable to use daily and often. It is also the deepest moisturizer we offer, absorbing flawlessly and bringing a remarkable dewy quality to the skin. Blended with Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum, Emerald Glow Oil becomes especially effective at soothing and minimizing signs of stress and age. To give this combination extra punch, swap out Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil with Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil. Added adaptogens help the skin adapt to stress while CBD offers powerful stress-soothing magic.
  • Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum + Orchid Facial OilOur divine Jasmine Sambac-scented Orchid Facial Oil features youth-preserving ingredients like humectant orchid extract, which locks in hydration while luxuriously lightweight squalene mimics youthful moisture. Blending this oil with Bakuchiol creates a potion that delivers a luxurious glow and age-defying radiance.

The following Herbivore favorites complete your anti-aging skincare arsenal:

  • Exfoliation: A fan-favorite of ours, Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion offers gentle-yet-effective exfoliation and is rich in vitamin C, a key ingredient in fighting the effects of age and stress. Use this potion every other day or so for a gently buffed and bright complexion that rivals younger generations.
  • To keep the rest of your skin looking young, buff away dullness with Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish in the shower or bath before applying our Jasmine Body Oil. Both of these products contain antioxidant-rich Jasmine Sambac oil, which fights free radicals and sun damage for beautiful skin you’ll bare proudly for years to come.
  • For midday touch-ups: nothing brings a look back to life quite like a spritz of Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Facial Mist, which hydrates the skin while providing a fresh, dewy glow and romantic vibes. Dreamy organic coconut water lends essential nourishment and fresh hydration to a dull or tired complexion.