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DIY Floral Infusion


We're sharing a super easy DIY with you that you can put on your windowsill, and semi-forget about for about a month. The result is a lovely-scented after-sun oil. Lavender and chamomile soothe sun-drenched skin, and jojoba oil gives it lots of moisture.



Here's how: 
Put a handful of dried lavender and chamomile in a quart-ish sized jar (we used a 16 oz.). Pour jojoba oil in so that it covers the herbs with about an inch of oil. Leave room at the top, since the herbs will expand as they soak in the oil. Give it a stir, and place in a warm, sunny spot for 4–6 weeks. Shake it gently every day so that everything infuses evenly. After  4–6 weeks, strain the oil through cheesecloth into a container.



Inspired by The Mountain Rose