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Mornings with Elizabeth Kranz, Founder of The Moonstoned

Elizabeth Kranz, founder of The Moonstoned, is truly a natural beauty from the inside-out. We spent the day with her in her chic Lower East Side apartment getting all the details on how she keeps her skin looking so beautiful (seriously, her skin looks exactly like that in person!).

Mornings are such a special time to set the tone for the day. Do you have any rituals you engage in before heading out the door? 

I’ve been working on this new ritual. Before bed the night before, I put my phone to charge in the NEXT room.  So when i wake up, I don’t have any distractions other than ME and how I feel. The first thing I do when I wake up is a full body stretch like a cat, in bed. I like to scoot down into the sheets and just breathe and flex all of my fingers and toes. It makes me feel kind of silly and playful, which is always a good way to start the day. Then I get up and squeeze a lemon wedge into a full glass of water from our ProPur water filter. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend one! Then, while making coffee  I journal (a new practice for me) and jot down Dream Memories. Even if I don’t remember right away I’m always surprised once I start writing how it comes together.

After writing down dreams, I write down three personal goals (workout gym/give someone random a compliment/call Mama), three business goals (make that extra sale/sketch a new design/finish Moonstoned collages) and three things I’m grateful for (my amazing partner/my big family/how the train brings a breeze when it’s humid down in the subway). These all vary day to day from being serious to goofy, but definitely always make me feel prepared and in touch with myself. After journaling, I let myself turn on my phone and well, the rest of the day is history.

What does self-care mean to you? 

Self-care is being able to look in the mirror and smile at what’s in front of me. It’s doing little rituals and taking the time to make sure I feel like I’m radiating self-love and confidence. It has nothing to do with designer labels or a number on a scale, it has everything to do with the inside-out. 



You have BEAUTIFUL skin, what are your secrets? 

Thank you! You know, it has EVERYTHING to do with how I eat. I’ve been vegan for almost ten years and I can remember how my skin changed after I started bringing tons of vegetables into my diet. I also try and drink SO much water. I keep a glass bottle on me at all times and I’ll step into restaurants while I’m out and about running to meetings and errands. I can tell day to day if I’m eating well enough or drinking enough water. 


What makes you feel confident in your skin? 

I feel the most confident when I’ve just woken up and totally slather my face in natural oils. I’ve been through a few and I’m completely smitten with the Herbivore Phoenix Facial Oil. I don’t wear makeup; I stopped trying to hide behind a ‘beautiful mask’ and had this “eureka!” moment realizing that I just needed to embrace and adore the one I already have. It makes me feel more genuine and open when I meet with people too; they get the real me which is pretty confidence-building. 



Do you have any morning or evening skincare rituals that you never leave the house without doing?

I really wish i could tell you I’m great about washing my face, (sorry Mom) but I tend to forget and there are just some times when you finally crawl into bed and there isn’t a damn thing that get ya out. But, with that being said I just started using a mask once a week and a deep moisturizer afterwards. Using my Phoenix Oil every morning after I wake up really makes me feel ready to walk out the door. 


You have so many crystals in your home - how did you start getting into crystals? Is there any mystical reason you have them around or is it for decoration?

I’m from the desert and I grew up picking up rocks and crystals everywhere we went. My grandpa used to tell me not to get near any water because I had so many rocks in my pockets I would sink like one. Geodes, Amethysts, Quartz...I’ve always been drawn to them and they just feel so special. When I met my husband Pottsy, he already had a great collection too and it’s one of the ways we express our love and friendship towards one another. We’re really going to need a bigger apartment if we keep it up though!



Favorite food for beauty?

CITRUS!! Grapefruits, oranges, lemons, clementines... I can't get enough and there has been a lot of studies in these naturally collagen-producing fruit. I carry clementines in my purse, they’re perfect travel buddies.


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