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GOLDIROCKS: An Interview with Our Favorite Crystal Queen


As you may know by now, our love for crystals makes Goldirocks hold a huge space in our hearts. From collaborations such as our Wellness Crystal Collection to spending more minutes than we can count on her Instagram feed learning about crystals, we've been huge fans from the moment we discovered her. On that note, we are so excited to feature Yulia on the blog and learn more about how she became everyone's favorite Crystal Queen. 

How did you get into crystals?

Funny memory: when I was about six years old, I gathered up a small collection of little white rocks from the sidewalk next to our house, set up a table on the corner, and sold them to my neighbors for 10 cents each — so my desire to sell rocks was evidently thriving and innate from an early age! I’ve always kept a small personal collection of crystals, but in the last few years my crystal love affair and sensitivity to their powerful magic has been rapidly expanding and evolving.


How did Goldirocks come to life?

Several years ago, through some unexpected life twists, I found myself moving from bustling Manhattan to a mystical little Gold Rush town in Northern California. My house sits on top of one of the largest gold mines in the United States (closed, but with untold amounts of gold and quartz still down there!), which I think might help explain why I’ve become more resonant (aka totally obsessed) with crystals and minerals. A few months after moving here I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to create things made with crystals, which quickly expanded into selling crystals in their raw form and crystal sets. I chose the name Goldirocks to honor my childhood adoration of fairytales, and to remind myself daily of the messages of unlimited magical possibility which fairytales represent.




Do you have any magical stories of how crystals have helped you get through a challenging time in your life?

Whenever I’m feeling extra tender or fragile, I go to sleep with at least one Rose Quartz stone laid on my body, usually on my chest. I feel immediately soothed and protected, almost as though I’m wrapped in angel’s wings — it’s a truly magical and healing feeling. As I’m lucky enough to own a LOT of crystals (the perks of being a crazy crystal lady!), I sometimes amp things up by sleeping with 8 Rose Quartz stones surrounding me in bed. I often notice when I wake up in the morning that they’ve migrated under my body to the exact area where I need some extra TLC — truly magical! Rose Quartz is a master healing crystal, which is why I was so excited to find a supply of unusually beautiful stones to include in my collaborative crystal set with Herbivore. Each one has been shaped and polished by hand on the island of Madagascar, and they resonate with a very high vibration. 



We’re sure it’s hard to pick but what are your top 3 favorite crystals and why?

So hard to pick! I honestly fall a little (or a lot!) in love with every crystal that comes my way. However, some of my forever favorites are:

- Rose Quartz — see above for why (plus its pink hue is just so beautiful, and pink is an uncommon color in the mineral world);

- Amethyst of all varieties, with a very special place in my heart for two rarer varieties of African Amethyst: Spirit Quartz from South Africa, and Brandberg Amethyst from Namibia. Spirit Quartz because it is a crystal of pure joy, and Brandberg Amethyst because they are some of the most powerful crystals I’ve ever encountered;

- Celestite for its calming, angelic vibration. I like to keep this crystal both by my bed and in my workspace, as Celestite connects us with our deep intuition and higher self, which helps me untie from the perfectionist knots I tend to get wrapped into (I’m a classic Virgo). 


Do you use crystals as part of your beauty rituals? 

Besides the powerful beautifying effect which comes from simply having crystals in your living/work spaces, as they’re continuously helping to purify and harmonize your energy and spirit, I personally use all the techniques recommended in the little guide which comes with our crystal sets. They’re all simple things to do and easy to add into your daily routine, but very effective for elevating your inner glow and radiant wellness!

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Would love to hear about the ethical standards you use when sourcing your crystals!

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