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ALL HALLOWS: A Portal of Rebirth and Transformation by Lindsay Mack

The origin of Halloween dates back over 2,000 years, and evolved from the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). The Celts celebrated their new year on November 1st, so Samhain represented a kind of energetic portal into a new cycle. We can observe this shift, too, as Halloween still marks the transition into deep autumn and winter. 

As a Tarot Reader, one of my favorite ways to dive deeply into Samhain / Halloween is to touch into the medicine of Death card. Ruled by Scorpio, the astrological sign of the season, the Death card is Samhain’s card. It represents the shedding of the snake’s skin, the falling of the leaves, the turn of the spiral, the change of the seasons. It represents soul level transformation and transmutation, turning something that is no longer serving us into fertilizer, compost to help the new things in our life to grow. 

This makes Halloween a beautiful opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the life/death/life cycle, as it relates to our lives. What have we released in the past year? What are we ready to give birth to? How have we changed in the last 12 months? Halloween offers us the sacred opportunity to reflect, and drop into those questions. Here are some beautiful rituals to help you do just that and make your Samhain sacred and potent: 



• Combine 1 cup of Epsom salts, ½ cup of baking soda, and oils of Rosemary, Cypress + Cedar. 

• Light a stick of Palo Santo, light some candles, and get into the tub. 

• Spend at least 20 minutes in the water, meditating on what you are ready to let go of in your life, breathing deeply and fully into your intention. 

• With each breath, begin to feel it draining from you into the water. 

• After 20 minutes, drain the water out of the tub, then rinse briefly in the shower. 



A beautiful and simple way to observe Samhain is to do a burning ritual. All you’ll need is a piece of paper, a pen, a burn-proof pot or bowl, and a lighter. Take a moment and reflect on all that you are ready to shed and let go of. Like a snake shedding its skin, like the leaves falling from a tree, what is ready to be released in your life? Write down everything that comes to you, then fold the paper up and burn it. You can bury the ashes, or scatter them to the wind - whatever feels like you complete the ritual of releasing anything you need to in your life. 



This is a beautiful Tarot spread to honor Samhain, one that I love to do every year: 

Take the Death card out of your deck and spend a moment reflecting on it. What do you notice in the images? Once you’ve spent a moment with it, place it face up in front of you. Then ask the following questions, pulling a card for each one: 


1. What is ready to die in my life?  

2. What is ready to grow in its place? 

3. What do I most need to know about the next cycle of my life?  



Lindsay Mack is the founder of Wild Soul Healing and Tarot for the Wild Soul. She is an intuitive healer, holistic counselor and tarot reader based in Brooklyn, NY. She offers and facilitates Soul Tarot Readings, Intuitive and Spiritual Coaching, Mentorship, and Tarot Trainings for those who desire to heal, evolve and live fully on their true soul path. For more visit her website or follow her amazing feed on Instagram



Oct 31, 2017 • Posted by Jeanne Caparso

Wow tarot card readings are an entry into the occult and against my religion. I will be unsubscribing from Herbivore Botanicals emails. I’m interested in learning about ingredients, features and benefits of products I might want to purchase and use. But not in learning more about occult practices.

Oct 31, 2017 • Posted by Shawna Sulek

This is such a lovely list of things to do! It is really hitting home with me this year especially as I can feel that things are changing, and although I have no idea how, I can really FEEL it! Really bizarre sensation as I’ve never felt it so powerfully before.
I WILL be writing things down and burning the paper. I get the sense that this is a real release, and a statement of of living and moving on.
My wonderful man (we’re not married, but together for almost 19 years…where does the time go?) is so amazing and supportive and he is my ROCK! But I am also a strong woman, and I love how you’ve given me some tools to practice.
Thank you and have a wonderful Samhain.

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