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On the Go with Amanda Shine of The Setting

Our passion for beautiful ceramics runs deep as we love to use delicate bowls for mixing face masks. So when we got a chance to connect with founder of The Setting, Amanda Shine, in her SoHo office before she flew to London for an event, we were over the moon. As a former model, Amanda left the spotlight behind the camera to focus on her passions and do what really made her shine, from the inside out rather than staying in an industry that focused solely on looks.  As she jet out the door to catch a plane, we took a little visual diary of what travel beauty tools she carries along so that she looks fresh and radiant from one city to the next. 



You travel quite often for work. What is your secret to keeping your skin healthy during travels?

I think to just keep your skin clean and hydrated is the best way to handle travel. Cleansing and light toning, like with Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner, along with plenty of sleep and water!!! 



What is one of your favorite self-care rituals?

 Self-care is so important to me... one of my favorite things to do is draw a big bath wherever I go. I add salts, oils, anything really that will make it a beautiful self-care ritual. Then I love to just put on a really warm, fuzzy robe and relax in bed. 



What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me is really about confidence, a sense of purpose in the world and truly loving what you do. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin. 


No. 1 beauty secret/tip?

Favorite beauty secret / tip is a bit of sun ... maybe I’m just inspired by summer right now but I think a little vitamin D goes a long way!!


 (last image via The Lifestyle Edit) 

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