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THE MOONSTONED: Interview with Elizabeth Potts

We're always inspired by women and men who are living their lives pursuing their passions. It shows in their vibrancy, how radiant they look, and how excited they are about the work they do. This month we've interviewed the BEAUTIFUL (inside and out) Elizabeth Potts of The Moonstoned, a passion project turned into career of curated, one-of-a-kind antique jewelry, on how she got started, how she stays zen, and of course, we dove into her skincare secrets because that is one GLOWING lady! 

How did you get started with The Moonstoned?

I’ve always loved body adornments and growing up in the Southwest there was such beauty and culture surrounding Jewelry. Being a huge history nerd, I’m always drawn to Jewelry with a story, with a feeling. I also started to feel like all modern Jewelry looked the same, it felt cold. So I wanted to collect and curate beautiful mementos for people to share with one another, Jewelry to pass down with memories.  

What are the challenges - mind, body, and spirit - that come with starting a passion project?

So many challenges! No one tells you how much of a roller coaster it is. One week you’re on top of the world and everyone is responding to what you’re doing and the next week it’s crickets. It can make you doubt yourself, doubt your passion, doubt your path. But I’ve learned the beauty in it and how to show up for myself, to work harder for what I love. Sometimes I have to sit, close my eyes and just take deep, resounding breaths while telling myself that I’m deserving of success and am already achieving what I want, which is sharing beautiful meaningful objects with beautiful people. And that is a powerful thing. The rest is just as natural as the Phases and will always come and go. As long as I’m being kind to myself, success comes.



You have GORGEOUS skin…do tell us all your secrets.

Ah! Thank you! I don’t do much outside of my basic lifestyle. I eat a plant based diet, eat a ton of citrus, which have natural collagen boosters, and try to drink as much water as I can. I believe in balance so I love to indulge in a good glass of red wine! I use serums every morning when I wake up. Makeup isn’t really my thing other than the special occasion or two, so that tends to help as well.


We all know that beauty really begins within…what are your inner beauty rituals that help you shine from the inside out?

I’m HUGE on self-love. If you can’t look at yourself in the mirror (and I really do this, please try it) and tell yourself that you’re beautiful then how can you expect others to make you feel beautiful? I tell myself I’m POWERFUL, I tell myself I’m DESERVING and CAPABLE. I tell myself that I can do absolutely ANYTHING in this world and that I’m full of light. I always feel like I walk out the door absolutely radiating after a mirror sesh. I know it sounds so silly but it does wonders.



What intentions are you setting for the New Year to keep yourself radiant, inspired, and creative?

I’m focusing more on my personal Jewelry line, the Moonstoned, creating adornments that inspire men and women to feel powerful, special and to make memories. I’m going to focus more on what I want day to day, and letting go of things that don’t serve me. I’ve realized that it’s ok to be a little selfish, deliciously so, and I plan to give myself the freedom to find more of what truly makes me feel larger than life, truly alive. We all deserve so much more of that.


Last but not least, favorite Herbivore product?

The Phoenix oil, hands down. I use it when I wake up to beat the winter dryness and again at night after washing my face. I’m addicted to it!



Apr 18, 2019 • Posted by Melissa De La Roworksa

Love Elizabeth and everything she stands for! She is nothing short of a creative genius with her work and eye for curated pieces that WOW, but she’s so sweet and humble.

Jan 20, 2018 • Posted by Alison

You are a true inspiration my darling! I enjoyed getting the inside scoop on how your light shines so bright. All the best to you.

Jan 17, 2018 • Posted by Pattie

Wonderful article.. it is refreshing to read conversation with Elizabeth on topics that we have recognized since way before Moonstoned… she is truth, she is simplicity, she is positivity.. that Herbivore chose to publish this interview is gratifying, appreciated, and applauded. Thank you…

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